To buy a miniature

Purchasing a miniature by Irina Kouznetsova is easy. You'll get your own personalized work of art, exectuted according to your instructions.

To purchase, contact Irina by e-mail, describing the sort of scene or composition you'd like to see featured on a miniature panel, brooch, or little box. Irina gladly executes portraits from photographs, minute reproductions of other paintings, as well as original, imaginary scenes (see below for exact details of each type of order). Depending on specifics, you might be asked to clarify or elaborate on certain points of your description. You will then be told the time required to complete the miniature (1-2 months) and its final price.


The price of each piece is calculated based on miniature size, composition complexity (number of faces, in case of portraits) and the price of materials. A simple one-face portait on a brooch is priced at 300$ US. The final price will also include shipping costs.

When placing an order for a customized piece, you will be asked to settle the fee in two payments, the first of which must be settled before Irina sets down to work. When the miniature is ready, you will be sent a detailed photograph of the finished piece. At this time, you will be asked to settle the remaining fee, and receive your purchase by international mail shortly thereafter.

Irina accepts payment through PayPal and checks (the latter require an additional seven-day delay for clearance).

Subject, size and type

Personalized miniatures you can purchase from Irina come in three varieties: portraits, image reproductions or imaginary scenes.

If you're ordering a portrait, send Irina a good-quality photograph or photographs from which to work, whether as a digital picture or a physical thing. It is possible to make a group portrait from a montage of several photos. For personal reasons, Irina does not execute portraits of deceased people.

To order an image reproduction, just send Irina your favorite picture or photograph of a landscape, still-life, animals, architecture or whatever else.

When placing your order, it is important to specify whether you want the miniature be done in panel, brooch or box form.

Depending on the subject or general concept of the composition, the miniature could be embellished with a special transparent paint technique on papier-mâché or mother-of-pearl, or inlaying of gold or silver.

For additional questions or clarifications, please feel free to contact Irina at

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